Reasons to buy Pixel 4A | Pros & Cons

Google Pixel 4A has been out for a while now. Let’s check out the Pros and Cons, reason to buy Pixel 4A over other Android smartphones.

Google has changed their smartphone stratergy in 2020. Instead of going for flagship phones, Google nowadays make affordable mid-range smartphones. Pixel 3A was the first smartphone in this new approach, and it was well received by the crowd.

Pixel 4A, the successor to the 3A, has similar specs and price. It sells for $349 in the US, which is $50 less than the launch price of iPhone SE 2020. Google has also launched Pixel 4A 5G variant for $499 and Pixel 5 for $599 in the US.

Reasons to buy Pixel 4A

  • Very Good Camera – If you love to take a lot of stills, this is a great smartphone to have.
  • Good low light camera thanks to Nightsight.
  • Stock Android
  • 3 Years of Software and Security updates from Google
  • No Bloatware
  • No third party system apps – making it more secure than the rest of Android smartphones.

Reasons Not to buy Pixel 4A

  • No Ultra-wide-angle or Telephoto lens
  • No 4K @ 60fps support
  • Smaller battery – even though Google has made some software optimizations and the battery life is much better than older pixels, an bigger battery would have allowed more screen on time.
  • No Super Fast Charging – 4A does support fast charging, but it’s not as fast as a OnePlus or Oppo or Xiaomi.