Lexar Play 1TB Micro Sdcard Launched in the US ( LMSPLAY001T-BNNNU )

Amazon US has Lexar Play 1TB microSDXC UHS-I Card (LMSPLAY001T-BNNNU) now in stock and available to pre-order. It has a launch price of $249.99 in the US.

Lexar has also launched 128GB ( LMSPLAY128G-BNNNU ), 256GB ( LMSPLAY256G-BNNNU ), and 512GB ( LMSPLAY512G-BNNNU ) variants of the Play Micro Sdcard along with this.

They have a price of $21.99, $45.99, and $94,99 respectively. This item will be released on February 5, 2021.

Lexar Play Micro Sdcards offers A1 or A2 rated performance. ( 128GB & 256GB – A1 / 512GB and 1TB – A2 ). It offers read speeds up to 150MB/s. It is compatible with portable gaming devices like Nintendo Switch, smartphones, and many tablets.

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