WD_BLACK 2TB SN770M WDBDNH0020BBK-WRSN listed on Amazon US


The WD_BLACK 2TB SN770M WDBDNH0020BBK-WRSN is a solid-state drive (SSD) designed to elevate the gaming experience, thanks to its remarkable speed and substantial storage capacity. It’s a drive that fits into the M.2 2230 form factor, making it suitable for expanding storage on handheld gaming devices or M.2 2230 compatible laptops. Here’s a more detailed look into its features and performance:

Performance and Efficiency:

  • Speed: The WD_BLACK SN770M is engineered to accelerate load times, ensuring gamers can dive into action swiftly. With a PCIe Gen4 interface, this SSD can deliver blazing speeds of up to 5,150MB/s for both the 1TB and 2TB models. This speed is a significant improvement, boasting up to 40% faster performance compared to its predecessors, and ensures a smooth gaming experience with minimal lag​.
  • Efficiency: It’s not only about speed; this SSD is also about efficient power utilization. It offers up to 20% more power efficiency at maximum speed over the previous generation, which is vital for maintaining system stability and prolonging gaming sessions​.
  • Comparison with Other Drives: Although the 2TB version isn’t as fast as its 1TB counterpart, it still outperforms PCIe 3.0 drives and older 4.0 alternatives, marking it as a robust choice for gamers looking for an upgrade. However, it might not keep up with some high-end 4.0 drives in the market, but it holds a strong position in the mid-range 4.0 segment owing to its efficiency​.

Capacity and Form Factor:

  • Storage Capacity: With up to 2TB of storage, this SSD provides ample space for games, applications, and other data. The additional capacity is particularly beneficial for individuals looking to expand their game library without constantly worrying about running out of space.
  • Form Factor: The SSD adopts the M.2 2230 form factor, which is compact and versatile, allowing for a straightforward installation in compatible handheld gaming devices and laptops​.

User Feedback:

  • Rating: Users seem quite satisfied with the WD_BLACK SN770M, as reflected by the high rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 22 reviews on Best Buy. This suggests that most buyers find the drive to meet or exceed their expectations​.


  • Longevity: The WD Black SN770 is built to last with a Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) rating of 1,750,000 hours, hinting at a long lifespan even under extensive use​.

Target Audience:

  • Gamer-Centric: While the drive is marketed mainly towards serious gamers due to its performance-oriented features, its cost-optimized build makes it a viable option for those looking at entry-level SSDs based on actual performance​.

In summary, the WD_BLACK 2TB SN770M WDBDNH0020BBK-WRSN is a noteworthy investment for gamers and others in need of a high-speed, high-capacity storage solution. Its balance of speed, efficiency, and storage capacity, coupled with a high user satisfaction rate, underscores its value in enhancing the gaming experience and meeting various storage needs.