640GB 320GB Sony CFexpress Type A Memory Card up for Pre-order on Amazon US

Sony has launched CFexpress Type A Memory Cards with 640GB ( ‎CEAG640T ) and 320GB storage ( CEAG320T ) along with their new Sony Cinema Line FX30 Super 35 Camera in the US. Earlier, Sony CFexpress Type A Memory Cards were available in 80GB and 160GB options ( CEAG80T / CEAG160T ). These new cards are compatible with various Sony Alpha mirrorless cameras such as ILCE-7M4, ILME-FX6, ILCE-1, ILME-FX3, ILCE-7SM3, etc.

Sony CFexpress Type A Memory Card offer high performance read and write performance. In ideal conditions, it offers up to 800MB/s read speed and 700MB/s write speed. It has effective heat dissipation to support high bitrate data transfers. These memory cards are TOUGH and are resistant to Humidity, X-ray, electrostatic charge, and ultraviolet radiation.

Sony CFexpress Type A Memory Card 320GB Price in the US starts at $649.99 ( Pre-order from Amazon.com ). 640GB variant is available to pre-order for $1,249.99 ( Amazon.com ). These new cards will be released and shipped to customers on December 5, 2022.

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